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The CCK is a partner of the 12th edition of the international e-Age conference (“International Platform on Integrating Arab e-Infrastructures in a Global Environment”) organized by the Arab States Research and Education Network, ASREN.

e-AGE22, the conference’s 12th edition, will be hosted by ASRT, the Egyptian Academy for Scientific Research and Technology in Cairo, Egypt from 13-14 December 2022. e-AGE22 is coming with “Science Cooperation – Taking NRENs Further” as the main theme of the conference and all activities will be centered on it.


12th edition


Building on the progress of e-AGE21, Open Science, Open Access, Science Engagement, Science Clouds and Cooperation Platforms will be the subthemes of the conference.

e-AGE22 will also discuss the contribution of the NRENs to achieving the UN-SDGs and regional and global priorities collaboratively through connectivity and dedicated services to R&E communities and beyond.

NRENs, e-Infrastructures, connectivity and community services will, as always, be discussed at the conference with focus on challenges, new technologies, funding, sustainability and capacity building.

More information about the event can be found at the event website:

Centre de Calcul El-Khawarizmi
Author: Centre de Calcul El-Khawarizmi

Le Centre de Calcul El-Khawarizmi (CCK) est le fournisseur de services Internet pour l'ensemble des établissements, agences et administrations relevant du Ministère de l'enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche Scientifique en Tunisie.

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